Innova Group (MityLite USA)

Innova is now a key player in the hospitality industry. As a new and innovative product, MityLite USA needed time to build brand recognition and volume in a totally new market to ensure a viable and ongoing presence. Hurricane was engaged to help it meet its objectives. Innova Group acquired the rights and this saw a complete repositioning and enhancement of its corporate identity, marketing and sales collateral.

A revised approach to communications was embarked upon, embracing widespread use of digital media, making the transition from printed catalogues and product specifications (issued twice per annum) to a fast paced digital media platform dispatching new product and sales initiatives communicated directly to key decision makers on a daily/weekly basis with all the associated analytics and enhanced consumer experience provisions.

    So successful was it that Australian sales, from a population base of 20 million, outperformed Europe with its 300 million population.
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