About Hurricane

Forget what’s considered normal

Twenty years ago, you could reach over half your audience with a handful of TV spots. Today, the world’s largest search engine is Google. Second only to YouTube! Things have changed and we all shop differently. Without an integrated Digital campaign that captures the imagination and gets everyone talking, you’re missing out. It’s really exciting stuff and critical if you want to build your brand. We’d love to help make that happen for you.

Hurricane Advertising and Marketing was born from a desire to provide a ‘more personable and passionate’ service than the status quo. And ‘looking good’, is just not enough. It has to work – move people to action – deliver growth. It’s why we’re all in business.

We’re quick on our feet and respond without all the red tape. A team of dedicated professionals and outsourced experts, it’s all about helping grow business and enjoying the ride in the process. We figure, if you’re enjoying yourself, you work better. You respond better. You think clearer. And it gets the creative juices flowing. Clients catch on and everyone becomes part of the solution. Whether it’s across Digital, Print or TV, below the line, Photography, Web and Social Media, we love what we do and always seek engaging ways to build solid strategic solutions.

Give us a call, let’s chat. Or send us a brief, and we’ll get started!